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Pirlitor - Home Precision at it's best
Inside of a CNC lathe with coolant on

Pirlitor: Precision at its Best

Focusing on customer satisfaction, Pirlitor Machine & Tool Ltd has been providing high precision CNC machining since 1984. Pirlitor excels in reliable and repeatable precision machining, typically working with tolerances as tight as 0.0002” (0.005 mm). This level of exactitude is required to serve Pirlitor’s clients in the optical, aerospace, medical and military industries.

At Pirlitor, creating critical components for commercial and government applications is a way of life. Our CNC machining facility accommodates a wide variety of applications and operations. Our company is prepared to tackle your most exacting specifications and partner with you through the various phases of design, prototyping, short production runs, and high volume fabrication.

If you have a project that requires reverse engineering, we can help you with that as well.

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High speed maching center

Like a Well-oiled Machine Shop

Our machine shop runs like a laboratory with precise control of temperature and air quality, equipped with the latest CNC equipment, and operated by the most educated and skilled team in the industry. One in three Pirilitor employees is a university educated engineer.

CMM Probes placed on Machine rack

Precision Machining From Beginning to End

Pirlitor provides extensive services from pre-production to finished product. Employing pre-production analysis and setup, Pirlitor sets up jobs to have fewer operations, saving you time and money. Pirlitor ensures precision from start to finish, with engineering and QC professionals supervising jobs at all stages, scrutinizing every detail of metallurgy, mathematics and engineering, to make sure your job is done flawlessly. Pirlitor is named after a medieval mountaintop fortress. Like that fortress, Pirlitor protects your manufacturing interests.