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Quality Assurance: we monitor quality throughout all phases of the manufacturing cycle.

Our Quality Assurance Challenge

Two of the industries that we serve - aerospace and aeronautics - are among the most rigidly monitored in the world. Where lives are at stake and where there is little or no margin for error, we support the strictest quality control.

In order to deliver products according to the highest industry standards, we have opened our business to independent scrutiny and certification. Our certifications clearly demonstrate that we have aligned our production values with the world's leading industries in a common regulated effort to bring our customers consistency, optimization and efficiency.

Our Quality Assurance Strategy

We monitor quality throughout all phases of the manufacturing cycle in order to provide the best possible products. We assure our quality in three different ways.

First of all, we are certified by external bodies which are combined in our certificate of registration for AS9100 Revision D and ISO 9001-2015.

Secondly, we employ full-time QA staff. Unlike other companies that may bring in a QA consultant or hire on an as-needed basis, our professional QA staff works vigilantly for our mutual protection right on our premises. That is all they do.

Thirdly, our most important arbiter of quality is you, our client. If we don't meet your exact standards, the other standards are irrelevant.

Our Quality Assurance Certifications

Pirlitor's decision to pursue AS9100 certification exhibits its uncompromising commitment to the aerospace industry. Such a decision always involves a substantial dedication of time and resources. The AS9100 certification was developed specifically for aerospace manufacturers and is a globally accepted quality management business system.

AS9100 standard is implemented by leading aerospace manufacturers worldwide. We share the same standard and, as such, we stand apart from companies who are either unwilling or unable to commit to the same formal investment or comply with quality certifications. AS9100:D & ISO 9001:2015

Quality Assurance Provisions

These provisions define the requirements beyond those defined by the drawing(s) and/or specification(s) and are stated on our purchase orders to our valued suppliers to clarify and better communicate performance agreements of both parties.