Our Markets — Optical, Aerospace, Medical

Since 1984, Pirlitor has been supplying precision CNC machining to create optical, aerospace and medical components. Pirlitor makes small to medium parts, working with tight tolerances in a variety of material types.

optical machined components, aerospace components

Specializing in Optical Housing Components

Pirlitor specializes in manufacturing optical machined components for aerospace, military and commercial applications. Combining a meticulously controlled laboratory environment, a highly educated and experienced team, and unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Pirlitor delivers precision.

optical machined components, aerospace components

Aerospace Machining

Pirlitor manufactures high quality aerospace components, providing tooling, CNC programming and the newest CNC technology. Pirlitor produces aerospace components with tight tolerances, achieving reliable and repeatable results.


optical machined components, aerospace components

Medical Machining

Prilitor meets your medical machining needs. When your job requires extreme precision, exotic materials, a controlled environment, assistance with prototyping and design, and the skill of an engineer, Prilitor is the place to get your job done.